Scale your cryptocurrency trading operations

With a perpetual motion machine, working round the clock on unlimited numbers of markets and exchanges simultaneously.

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Backtesting suite
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Trade round the clock

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Advanced integrations
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Lightning speed

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Maximize returns
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Instant alerts & notifications


Comprehensive platform with full flexibility

Backtesting suite

Know with mathematical precision how your strategy would work over different market condition and fine tune your strategy for maximum return.

Trading round the clock

Scale your trading operations with a perpetual motion machine, working 24/7 on unlimited numbers of markets and exchanges simultaneously.

Advanced integrations

In addition to connect with any crypto exchange with API capabilities, Hashycan be linked to your business software to push information and/or receive instructions.

Lightning speed

Crypto markets move fast. If you want your piece of the pie, speed is of essence. Machines react much faster than humans, welcome to high frequency trading.

Maximize your returns

There is no limit on the number of eyes you have on the markets. Let the machine do the job for you and enhance your trading team.

Instant alerts & notifications

Receive all relevant alerts and notifications via email, SMS, Telegram or directly to your business software.

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